Is Apple Doomed?

My My Apple, have you changed a lot lately. 

When I first stepped into the Apple world, I got to meet a lot of cool, trendy, smart people. Mac OS X 10.5.1 was just released. I was being groomed lets say by these Apple users. Such friendly, easy to talk to people. They understood how the computer and the user interface worked. They were extremely helpful to be have next to myself. 

The first year was a game changer. I knew computers, but unix err Mac OS was definitely a different animal. I got promoted to the next tiered level. Things were on the up and up. Year 2 and 3, Apple came out with Mac OS X 10.6 – 10.6.8. I bought my first Mac also in year 3.  

Apple really needs to stop with releasing new Operating Systems each year. Their engineers can’t even fix the current ones let alone design a stable OS without all the ACL and Permission issues that exist starting with OS X 10.7, skipping 10.8 and back to 10.9 which is still a disaster.